Southwire's 12 for Life - Motivating Students to Stay in School

The Problem

12 for Life students go to school for a portion of their day, and then go to the Southwire facility for the rest of the day. At Southwire, they spend their time learning important work and life skills from dedicated school system employed educators. During this time, students receive real-world training such as exam preparation, graduation preparation, resume building, interview skills, and more.

12 for Life students also earn a paycheck at the Southwire facility. Working in four-hour shifts, they package Southwire products for shipment to customers. Students are paid above minimum wage and can increase their income by demonstrating skills such as timeliness, reliability, and accuracy. Upon graduation, Southwire may interview and hire standout individuals interested in full-time employment.


Dropping the Dropout Rate

We are actively reversing the dropout trend in Georgia. We've graduated 275 students in our first four years, far exceeding our goal of 175

High School Graduates by 2012. Learn more +

12 for Life Skills for Life

12 For Life is not a Vocational/Technical program. We focus on students rather than specific skills to ensure individuals have the work and life skills they need to succeed.
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12 for Life Skills for Life

Schools and private businesses committed to education & community can build sustainable programs. Doing the right thing pays for itself.
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A Paycheck and a Diploma

Students can succeed at School and Work without the compromise. Our students stay in school, earn money, and learn the skills employers look for.  Learn more +


Southwire Giving Back

Since the 1950's, Southwire has emphasized giving back to the community. 12 for Life is a natural extension of our outreach to improve our community.
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Getting Involved

12 for Life is a successful model for other businesses and schools. Find out how to improve graduation rates and impact long-term earning capacity for your entire community.
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